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Suits and Tuxes

Impressed by the Dress offers suits and tuxes for all ages and sizes. There are flexible rental package options as well as styles for purchase. With hundreds of color and style combinations,  you get the perfect look and price for whatever you are suiting up for!

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The Peanut Butter Collection offers tuxes for formal and special occasions.

Make a statement with these unique styles and patterned tuxedos at your next event! 

"We are on the cutting edge of fashion."
Flowers on Suit

Menswear FAQ's

What is the average cost to rent or purchase?

Our rental packages start at $159 and go up to $199 for a complete package. For purchase, we offer a la carte and complete packages for up to $349

What about out-of-town members?

Absolutely! Simply have professional measurements from a bridal or menswear store taken no sooner than 3 months before the wedding. Call or email your measurements in and we will order it for you.

When should I pick out styles for my event?

We recommend getting fitted about 3 months prior to allow for the most accurate measurement while giving enough time to order those styles.

Where should I get Measured?

Professional measurements must be taken within 3 months of the wedding to order the most accurate size. If you are in town make an appointment with us. If you are out of town please see the form for which measurements we will need and submit them to We can send a measurement form to you if you give us a call.

Menswear measurement requirements. Document outlining the information needed for tux/suits.
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